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Cupcakes - Everything you need to make, decorate and present your cupcakes

Cupcake Cases

When it comes to cupcake cases we know that having a large range to choose from is important. There are so many different things to celebrate and each occasion demands a different cupcake case. So we have stocked a large selection of different colours and different materials - foil and paper - for you to choose from. We also have many different cupcake case designs including seasonal designs for the holidays. Be sure to keep coming back and checking the site as we are constantly adding to our selection.

Cupcake Wraps

For larger cupcakes and muffins the a cupcake wrap adds that special final touch to your presentation. We have a selection of cupcake wraps for all occasions including christenings, childrens parties and general celebrations. Cupcake wraps also help to add a more professional look to your presentation. 

Cupcake Stands

If you are planning that special event or perhaps simply have a large number of cupcakes to display a cupcake stand is an essential item. Not only does our range of cupcake stands enhance the effect when displaying the cupcakes you have made, they are also incredibly practical when moving cupcakes around and offering them to your guests. Each of our cupcake stands is lightweight, re-usable and folds away for easy storage. 

Cupcake Carriers & Cupcake Boxes

A cupcake carrier or cupcake box provides a lovely finishing touch to your cupcake gift. When you are catering for larger events you will find cupcake carriers or cupcake boxes a very practical and attractive solution to the problem of transporting your cupcakes to the party venue. Our selection of beautiful designs in a range of colours and sizes means that you are spoilt for choice and are sure to find the cupcake carrier or cupcake boxes you need.


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